Bacon and Parsley Whotnots

These make a delicious supper and are great served with Mozzerella Mash. (See Browns Website)

  1. 150g bacon, chopped and fried
  2. 100g self-raising flour
  3. 50g Browns Cheddar, grated
  4. 1tsp fresh marjoram
  5. 2tblsp freshly chopped parsley
  6. 2 eggs
  7. 120ml milk
  8. 2 tblsp Browns Mascapone

Mix all dry ingredients and bacon. Make a well in the center, add eggs and mascapone, whisk. Slowly add the milk, the mixture should be quite firm, not as runny as a pancake mixture. Cook in hot pan, ghee (clarified butter) is great to use for frying as it’s a healthy option and more heat resistant than olive oil. Makes about 5.