Brown’s Cheese Wins International Award!

We are delighted to announce to you that your choice ‘cheese maker’ has won again!

Last week, Brown’s Cheese just entered the 2010 South African Dairy Championships. Brown’s cheese was awarded five first, three second and two third prizes.

Two of our cheeses were also awarded ‘qualité’ awards. This award is honoured to cheeses that score a high number of points indicating outstanding quality; only 20 of these awards were awarded to over 800 entries.

Two of our new products won a first and third prize award. Please contact us if you have not tried our Caciocavallo or our Boconcini. Caciocavallo cheese is similar in taste to the aged Southern Italian Provolone cheese. It makes a delicious cheese pie or is great in a cheesy potato salad. Our Boconcini are packaged to provide you with fresh miniature mozzarella; ideal for a salad or pizza.


Brown’s Antique Gouda Cheese
(Qualité Award)

Browns Plain soft cheese
(Qualité Award)

-       Brown’s pilipili soft cheese
-       Brown’s Mascarpone cheese           
-       Brown’s Caciocavallo cheese


-       Brown’s Gouda cheese
-       Brown’s Baby Gouda Cheese
-       Brown’s Garlic Soft Cheese


-       Brown’s Boconcini Cheese
-       Brown’s Kalloumi Cheese