Down Home with the Browns

Local cheese artisans set the standard for ‘Made in Kenya’
By Rand Pearson (Concierge Kenya,


In the wake of global financial collapse, Kenya remains tightly connected to the true sources of life:  food, water, land.The values of farming and working the land are still the heartbeat of our economy. This land is at once the source and soul of the Kenyan people.

Here, there are still family-operated, cottage industries that thrive on serving people quality products at reasonable and fair prices made from the rich, raw ingredients God has given Africa.

None could be more interesting than the cheese-making, Brown family based in the lush highlands of Limuru. There, quietly nestled in the forested family home of almost 40 years, they are producing some of the finest cheese products in the world. And they have awards to prove it.

In October, the 2010 South African Dairy Championships awarded two of its top “Qualite” prizes to Brown’s Antique Gouda and its Plain Soft Cheese, respectively. First prizes were also awarded to its Pilipili Soft Cheese, as well as its Mascarpone and Mozzarella cheeses. Also, in June of this year, Brown’s represented Africa at the Fancy Food Show in New York City for the first time. The international buzz about Brown’s cheese is gaining such momentum that their cheese will soon be available at gourmet shops in the U.S.

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